Shock Me

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After a few years of giving away his songs to the band's other vocalists, Ace Frehley made his long-awaited vocal debut in 1977 with "Shock Me." This sturdy rocker is built on double-entendre lyrics that compare a steamy romantic encounter to being electrocuted: "Don't cut the power on me/I'm feelin' low so get me high/Shock me, make me feel better." The music affects a relaxed mid-tempo style that pairs gently swinging verse melodies to a punchy chorus that delivers the choral hooks in a call-and-response style. Kiss' recording of "Shock Me" has an easygoing but powerful feel reminiscent of the Rolling Stones' 1970s-era rockers, building itself on a low-slung guitar riff and a steady groove from the rhythm section that is fuelled by some crisp drum fills from Peter Criss. Frehley contributes a typically fiery solo and a blissed-out vocal that fits the song's playful mood perfectly. Frehley was apparently very nervous while recording this vocal (he ended up singing it lying on his back in a darkened studio), but it was a solid effort that set the stage for future Frehley-vocalized Kiss faves like "Talk to Me" and his solo hit "New York Groove." "Shock Me" also became a beloved live guitar-solo set piece for Frehley that often climaxed with him detonating his smoking guitar (this act can be seen in all its pyrotechnic glory on the Kiss My Ass video).

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Love Gun 1977 Mercury / Casablanca 3:46
Greatest Hits [1998] 1996 Polygram 3:47
The Box Set 2001 Mercury / Universal Distribution 3:47
Gold: 1974-1982 - Sound+Vision 2004 Mercury 3:48
Gold 2005 Mercury 3:44
Greatest Kiss 2005 Mercury 3:47
The Best of Kiss: Green Series 2008 Universal International
Classics 2008 Mercury / Island / Island Def Jam Music Group / Universal 3:46
The Complete Collection 2008 Mercury / Island / Universal 3:46
IKONS 2008 Mercury 3:48
The Casablanca Singles: 1974-1982 2012 Mercury 3:47