The House of Love

Shine On

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"Shine On," the first single by the House of Love, is much more of a piece with the rest of the circa-1987 Creation Records sound than the band's later, sparser records. The entire song is coated in a light glaze of Cocteau Twins-style reverb, particularly the guitar lines and Andrea Heukamp's breathy backing vocals, giving the song a swirling neo-psychedelic grace but also blunting Guy Chadwick's vocal strengths. As if to revise the band's history (the original Creation single had flopped, but the group had scored a few hits in the interim), "Shine On" was re-recorded in 1990 for the group's second self-titled record, also known as "the butterfly album"; less gauzed in reverb and with a much more prominent rhythm section, the remake is different, but not necessarily better.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1987 Creation
The House of Love (The German Album) 1987 Arena Rock 3:19
The House of Love 1988 Arena Rock 0:00
A Spy in the House of Love 1990 Fontana 4:02
No Image 1990
Various Artists
Shine On [#1] 1990 Fontana Distribution 4:07
The House of Love (Butterfly) 1990 Fontana 4:00
Precious (Underground) 1992
Various Artists
Dino Entertainment 4:03
Reading Indie Album 1994
Various Artists
No Image 1995
Various Artists
No Image 1996
Various Artists
No Image 1998
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 4:02
Best Of 1998 Mercury 4:03
No Image 2000
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution
1986-88: The Creation Recordings 2001 PLR 3:19
Sorted! 40 Madchester Baggy Anthems 2002 Ministry Of Sound 3:54
Dark Side of the 80s 2003
Various Artists
Telstar TV Records 4:02
The Fontana Years 2004 Spectrum Music 4:03
Indie Anthems 2005
Various Artists
Universal Distribution 4:02
Anthems [Universal] 2006
Various Artists
Universal Music TV 3:56
90s Anthems: The Ultimate Collection [2014] 2014
Various Artists
Ultimate Collection / Universal 0:00
100 Essential Hits: 90s
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Brunswick / Universal 4:03
Total 90s
Various Artists
Universal 4:01