Shine Like It Does

Composed by Andrew Farriss / Michael Hutchence

Song Review by

Another one of the underappreciated joys of the Listen Like Thieves album, "Shine Like It Does" features the sextet creating one of its best full-on anthems; when you compare how well INXS does it with how contemporary U2 wanted only to beat listeners over the head, it's downright surprising why the Australians didn't stay as famous in the end. An attractive blend of acoustic and electric guitars helps ground the gentle but persistent rhythm of the song, while the combination of synths and strings adds just enough sweetness and romance to the performance for everything to, indeed, really shine. Michael Hutchence, so often able to show how he can be just the right person for the right song, again demonstrates his worth here; warm and winning and never overbearing, he gives everything, especially the uplifting chorus and final calls of "You will find it!," exactly what was needed. It's no surprise the two-CD collection issued by Rhino in later years was titled after the song; somehow it captures so much of the band's spirit.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Listen Like Thieves 1985 Atlantic 3:05
The Greatest Hits [Universal] 1994 Atlantic 3:05
Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (1979-1997) 2001 Rhino 3:08
The Years 1979-1997 2002 Universal Distribution / Universal International 3:09
Listen Like Thieves/X 2012 ADA / Relayer Records 3:05
The INXS Collection 1980-1993 Atlantic / Rhino 3:08