Joy Division

She's Lost Control

Composed by Bernard Albrecht / Ian Curtis / Peter Hook / Stephen Morris / Bernard Sumner

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Released as both an album cut and, in a hint of where New Order would eventually find itself, a 12" dance remix, "She's Lost Control" drew inspiration from Ian Curtis's encounter with an epilepsy victim and her attendant lack of control over her own body. It was something Curtis also suffered from, and the chilling sense of desperation and fear shot through the lyrics draws on more than a dramatic gift. The deep echoes on the album version of his vocals make that version more of a disturbing listen, but on both the music is excellent, the steady death disco punch of the arrangement as much a harbinger for early-'80s experiments all over the world as anything. Peter Hook's memorable, softly descending bass line gets a rougher counterpart in Bernard Sumner's clipped, chugging riff, and the whole sounds like a disturbing vision into a world many would never know otherwise -- even while being danceable.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Unknown Pleasures 1979 Qwest 3:40
Substance 1988 GC / Rhino 4:45
Permanent 1995 Qwest / Warner 3:58
Heart and Soul 1998 Rhino / Warner Bros. 5:30
24 Hour Party People 2002
Original Soundtrack
London 90 4:44