Bill Haley

See You Later, Alligator

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"See You Later Alligator" was Bill Haley's last big hit, reaching #6 in early 1956. Like several of Haley's singles, it was a cover of an R&B song, a twist this time around being that it was an R&B song by a White artist, not a Black one. The more obscure original version of the song was written and sung by New Orleans teenager Bobby Charles. In its original guise as a 1955 Chess single, "See You Later Alligator," Charles's ethnicity to the contrary, was pretty convincing New Orleans R&B with sax and boogie piano, built around the clever hook of a then-hip and crazy expression. It got a little repetitious melodically, but a honking sax solo compensated. Bill Haley is not given much respect by many rock historians, and much conventional wisdom would have it that any cover of his of an R&B tune would be inferior to the original. Yet although Haley's "See You Later Alligator" was undeniably slicker than Charles's, there were good reasons why it was far more of a commercial success. Haley gave it his characteristic slapping rockabilly-swing backbeat, which moved the tune along a lot more forcefully. Haley also added a big hook in having a jazzy sax play riffs in response to his vocal lines. Also, where in Charles's original the chorus was almost identical to the verse, Haley used backup vocals by the Comets to make it far more of a memorable anthemic chant. There was also the instrumental break, which had a sizzling solo in which electric guitars butted heads with a wailing sax. The Cometss also made the end of the final chorus far more dramatic, drawing it out with a "that's all, so long, goodbye" waveoff, the final "goodbye" trailing off in a downward swoop. The aspect of the record that dates it the most is the cutesy spoken introduction, in which a high girlish voice speaks the song's title. While Haley's "See You Later Alligator" is undeniably more of a consciously crafted rock'n'roll party tune than Charles's original, it's also more boisterous and ultimately more exciting.

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