Save Me

Composed by Brian May

Song Review by

Although he was best known for stomping riff-fests like "We Will Rock You," Brian May was just as skilled at writing powerful ballads that married gutsy music to emotionally wrenching lyrics. One of his best entries in this arena is "Save Me," the powerful closing track from The Game. This ballad presents a person making last appeal to a significant other in a love affair that both know is on its last legs: "Save me, save me, save me/I can’t face this life alone/Save me, save me, save me/I’m naked and I’m far from home." The music builds itself on a sharp set of power ballad dynamics, contrasting yearning verses that slowly build energy with a bombastic chorus that fully realizes the agonized heartache of the song. Queen’s recording of "Save Me" plays up this dynamic, utilizing a soft piano-led style nudged forward by steady drums on the verses but unleashing power chords and full-throated choral harmonies on the chorus. Freddie Mercury completes the sound with a lead vocal that is tender and operatic in all the right places and Brian May matches it with a wailing guitar solo that expresses the song’s pain in a searing, wordless fashion. All these touches gelled together beautifully to create one of the group’s most moving ballads. "Save Me" accordingly went on to become a big international hit for the band, including a #11 charting in the U.K.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Game 1980 Hollywood 3:48
No Image 1981
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No Image 1992 Hollywood 0:00
Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 1995 Hollywood 3:48
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Various Artists
Universal Distribution
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