Elton John

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

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Believe it or not, Elton John was always a rocker at heart, but he never truly cut loose until "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting." One of many great songs on the nevertheless patchy double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, the song found John revamping old-time rock & roll with the panache of glam and the sound of the Who and the Stones. Slashing power chords -- sounding like Pete Townshend playing a Keith Richards riff -- open the song, and it never lets up, even when it slides into Beach Boys harmonies. John's performance is utterly committed, perhaps because he's singing one of Bernie Taupin's rare comprehensible set of lyrics. In the liner notes for the 1995 reissue, Taupin claimed that he was trying to write an American rock & roll song, only set in Britain, and he succeeded -- it's an anthem for wannabe Teddy boys, ready for a night on the town with a bellyful of beer. That sentiment and the powerful rock that John wrote made "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" one of the handful of Elton John songs that could be covered by rock bands, but it never was recorded again -- until the Who tackled it for the 1991 John/Taupin tribute album, Two Rooms. And they didn't sound anywhere near as tough as John did on his original.

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