The Church

Russian Autumn Heart

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Marty Willson-Piper usually gets to sing at least one or two tracks per Church album, his higher and slightly more rasper voice a sometimes unexpected contrast with the smoother, calmer tones of the understated Steve Kilbey. "Russian Autumn Heart," his effort on Gold Afternoon Fix, was released as a single - not all that surprising considering the quick, energetically upbeat nature of the song, a touch more conventional than "Metropolis" was. Sounding a little like both John Easdale of Dramarama and an older role model of both, Ian Hunter, Willson-Piper adds a bit of rough bark to the enjoyable chime and kick of the song. It's the music that lets everything down a bit in the end - while Willson-Piper gets to pull off a good solo or two, it's a fair effort rather than a deathless one from the band, active enough but not truly inspiring.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Gold Afternoon Fix 1990 Mushroom Records 4:06
The Best of the Church 1999 Mushroom Records 4:08
Triple Set 2000 Mushroom Records 4:08