Jeff Beck

Rock My Plimsoul

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The traditional blues classic often credited to B.B. King and Joe Josea is claimed by "J.Rod" here and entitled "Rock My Plimsoul", although Beck, Dreja, McCarty and Page laid claim to a rendition cut prior to this. It is still the tune that everyone from Tina Turner to Otis Redding, Gene Vincent and hundreds of others have recorded for the better half of the last century. While John Kay and Steppenwolf turned the concept into a new song and a 60s rock anthem, Stewart and The Jeff Beck Group give the standard Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup/Lightnin' Hopkins explanation a good workout. In Britain a "plimsol" is a "rubber-soled cloth shoe", a.k.a. a sneaker. As he changed the spelling of "plynth", Stewart adds the "u" to make it soulful, "Rock My Plimsoul". Beck's guitar playing is great alongside Aynsley Dunbar's drums and Ronnie Wood's bass. Recorded at De Lane Lea Music in London, June, 1967, and produced by Mickie Most, this close to four minute excercise in blues-rock was originally the flip side of the "Tally Man" single. It's Jeff Beck's guitar that is the most revealing element here, embellishing the standard with his obsessive/compulsive but controlled passion. The sound effects he gets out of the guitar around three quarters through are quirky, dynamic and quite original.

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Truth 1968 Legacy / Sony Music Distribution 4:13