Massive Attack


Song Review by Amy Hanson

Fraught by doubt and paranoia, Massive Attack struggled to lay down the tracks for their third album as 3D spent hours in the studio "making tracks, tearing them apart, f***ing them up, panicking, then starting again." Such drama ultimately delayed the album's projected December 1997 release by nine months; the gap was plugged by "Risingson," a new single unleashed in July 1997. The song became a monstrous tease, appearing almost a full year before the album's eventual release. It gave an eager audience a hint of what was to come -- although the brooding aura was slightly deflected by the use of a sample from the Velvet Underground's "I Found a Reason." Featuring trademark beats and vocals, the song's lyrics were shot through with danger, in a seemingly scathing commentary of the club scene that had embraced Massive Attack. "Now you're lost and you're lethal" felt like a warning. Further enhanced by the softest gasps and sighs buried deep within the mix, and guitars that sliced through the whole thing, "Risingson" was a monumental vibration, a shift in consciousness for the band. The Singles 90/98 box set featured several remixes of the song, including an interesting turn by Underworld.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Mezzanine 1998 Virgin 4:58