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This is one of the first songs to prove the chart durability of the influential group. Perhaps just as important, "Rhiannon" also introduced Stevie Nicks as a great songwriter and a challenging sex symbol. With Nicks, the vocals and the lyrics are so often intertwined is hard to decide which entity is the most affective. For "Rhiannon" both are equally as compelling. The song simply tells the story of a capricious woman, free, in demand and breezing in and out of whoever's life she chooses. Hmm, sounds familiar. With her deft imagery and sensual and haunting vocals, Nicks does indeed seem to enjoy the song's protagonist's freedom and her affect on everyone. Like all great lyricists, Nicks picked a name that worked phonetically and on an emotional level. Her band mates of course helped out, most notably Lindsay Buckingham's guitar and Christine McVie's backing vocals. Although the original words are definitive, Nicks has often sung different lyrics in concert. No matter whether a word is changed here or there &"Rhiannon" is notable for its sheer emotional power, resonance and the resemblance the story has on the woman who wrote it.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Fleetwood Mac 1975 Reprise / Rhino Flashback 4:10
Rumours 1977 Warner Bros. / Reprise 0:00
No Image 1977 Warner Bros.
Tusk 1979 Rhino / Warner Bros. 0:00
Greatest Hits [Warner Bros.] 1988 Warner Bros. 4:09
25 Years: The Chain 1992 Reprise / Warner Bros. 4:09
Selections from 25 Years: The Chain 1992 WEA International 4:10
Masterpieces 1993
Various Artists
WEA 4:12
Only Love 1975-1979 1995
Various Artists
Rhino / JCI Associated Labels 4:09
The No. 1 70's Rock Album 1995
Various Artists
Hearts Desire: 18 Classic Love Songs 1995
Various Artists
Castle Music Ltd. 4:07
No Image 1995
Various Artists
No Image 1998 Rhino
Fleetwoodgrass 2005
Various Artists
Film Chest / Synergy Distribution 4:06
The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [2-CD] 2009 Reprise 3:46
Girls Run the World
Various Artists
Rhino 4:13