The Cure


Composed by Simon Gallup / Robert Smith / Laurence Tolhurst / Lol Tolhurst

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The final track from the album of the same name, "Pornography" details a last descent into overwhelming despair. It's little surprise that when next heard from, Robert Smith and company rebounded with the far quirkier, amusing approach to angst "Let's Go to Bed," since arguably they couldn't go any further than they had. Beginning with a sudden burst of distorted, incomprehensible vocal snippets from who knows where over a soft, minimal keyboard line, Lol Tolhurst's aggressive, rolling drumming emerges from the murk, carrying the rest of the band with him. Further low synth and keyboard tones dominate the arrangement, repeating the four-note melody from the start while the samples get even more frenetic; Smith's guitar line is barely heard above the increasing chaos. Smith himself starts singing three minutes in, his depiction of a personal universe on the verge of collapse, sexually, socially, and more dominant. He finally cries out "I must fight this sickness, find a cure!" as a last fierce response back; as the drumming stops, the samples continue on and one last wash of feedback rises to be abruptly cut off -- as dramatic an album ending as one could want.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Pornography 1982 Elektra 6:27