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A song that gained the band new fans in both its electric album form and its acoustic incarnation (important to remember that during the early nineties the ‘unplugged’ gig was just as important as consolidating a band’s popularity as was growing a goatee), “Plush” is yet another mid-tempo number from Stone Temple Pilots’ debut, Core. Unlike “Creep,” which is mainly acoustic, “Plush” is big and lumbering, an emotional song wrapped up in metal stylings. “Plush” is also notable for being the song that got Scott Weiland labeled an ‘Eddie Vedder wannabe,’ especially with his vocal style on the chorus: “Where the dogs could find her/got time to wait for tomorrow” where all the o’s are really drawn out and throaty. It wasn’t hard to agree with the detractors, but honestly, tons of bands were copying Pearl Jam in 1992-1993 and perhaps Stone Temple Pilots just understood the emotional quality of what Pearl Jam was doing and with “Plush” just tried to tap that vein.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Core 1992 Atlantic 5:08
Thank You 2003 Atlantic 5:12
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Box Set] 2004
Original Game Soundtrack
Geffen 5:10
Ultimate Grammy Collection: Contemporary Rock 2008
Various Artists
Shout! Factory 5:11
Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule 2009
Various Artists
Atlantic 5:13