The Rolling Stones

Please Go Home

Composed by Mick Jagger / Keith Richards

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Bo Diddley, done psychedelic style with a sneering garage band attitude? That might sound ridiculous, but that's what the Rolling Stones did on the little-known song "Please Go Home," issued on Between the Buttons in the U.K. and held over for the Flowers compilation in the United States. Harder rocking than most of the Between the Buttons tracks, as a song it's a bit of a throwback to the Stones' slightly earlier R&B-derived originals, though done with a bit more lyrical sophistication. The attitude fits very much within the stereotype of the group's stance toward women: figures who are told to get lost after they've outlived their usefulness, here stated even more bluntly than usual by Rolling Stones standards. He doesn't have to ring like a phone, laconically deadpans Mick Jagger; the message is go home, although at least he says please. It's not the most admirable of Stones lyrics in that respect, but the Bo Diddley-styled rock tune isn't bad at all. Perhaps sensing that it needed a boost that would mark it less as the album filler it was, the group and producer Andrew Loog Oldham really went to town with a primitive psychedelic effect on the chorus, where Jagger's pronouncement of the title phrase gets a maddening electronic echo on the word "home." This could even be seen as a vague forerunner of the warped spaceship noises of "2000 Light Years from Home," and there are also bursts of strange guitar distortion that sound a little like strangled bagpipes. The instrumental tag and fadeout, in fact, is a crossfire of electronic blips, stutters, and distorted guitars that sounds as if they're running out of breath. In the midst of this mayhem, it shouldn't be ignored that the Bo Diddley-styled guitar work on "Please Go Home" is very good.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Between the Buttons 1967 ABKCO Records 0:00
Flowers 1967 ABKCO Records 3:19
Remastered Series 2004 ABKCO Records 3:19
The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 [Vinyl Box Set] 2010 ABKCO Records / Universal Distribution 3:18
The Rolling Stones in Mono 2016 ABKCO Records 3:17