Plaster Caster

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Given songs like "Ladies in Waiting" and "Got Love for Sale," Gene Simmons' work with Kiss proved he was a master at the art of penning odes to lust. His most notorious entry in this arena is "Plaster Caster," a deliciously sleazy rocker that has become a favorite with Kiss fans. The lyrics for this randy tune take their inspiration from the real-life exploits of some groupies who made plaster casts of the private parts of their rock star conquests. Simmons' lyrics present this scenario in a cheeky way that manages to be salacious without ever becoming explicit: "The plaster's getting harder/And my love is perfection/A token of my love for her collection/Plaster caster, grab ahold of me faster/If you wanna see my love, just ask her." The melody is pure melodic drive, a model of songwriting economy that constantly ascends as it builds from moody verses into its snarling, triumphant chorus. Kiss' recording of "Plaster Caster" is surprisingly atmospheric: it starts with a bubbling bass line that is soon fleshed out by power chords as it transforms itself into a stomping guitar rock jam driven by Peter Criss' crashing drum work. Simmons matches the slow-burning flow of this arrangement with a slick vocal that builds from a breathy whisper into his familiar guttural roar. The end result was a classic bit of hard-rocking sleaze that has become a cult favorite with the group's fans and was later covered by the Lemonheads.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Love Gun 1977 Mercury / Casablanca 3:28
Greatest Hits [1998] 1996 Polygram 3:26
Greatest Kiss 1997 Mercury 3:27
Greatest Kiss 2005 Mercury 3:27