Nick Drake

Pink Moon

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Pink Moon is arguably Nick Drake’s masterpiece, and the title track is one of his most beautiful, fully realised songs. Performed with just Drake’s haunting vocal and his ethereal acoustic guitar, the song sounds like a folk ballad, albeit a heavenly one. The lyrics are astonishing – “Saw it written and I saw it say/Pink moon is on its way” is the wonderful opening, and the repetition of the word “pink” in the chorus is hugely atmospheric, and positively inspired. One of Nick Drake’s prettiest melodies, “Pink Moon” is one of the artist’s great songs, and with a back catalogue as rich as Drake’s, that’s certainly saying something.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Pink Moon 1972 Hannibal Records 2:05
Fruit Tree 1986 Island 2:06
Heaven in a Wild Flower: An Exploration of Nick Drake 1986 Island 2:00
Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake 1994 Hannibal Records 2:03
As Seen on TV: Songs From Commercials 2001
Various Artists
UTV 2:02
Rykodisc 20th Anniversary 2004
Various Artists
Rykodisc 2:05
A Treasury 2004 Island 2:03
Digital Box Set 2010 Universal Music 2:03
The Way 2011
Original Soundtrack
Milan 2:04
Tuck Box 2013 Island / Universal 2:03
20 #1’s: Singer-Songwriters
Various Artists
Hip-O / Universal 2:04