Def Leppard


Composed by Steve Clark / Joe Elliott / Robert John "Mutt" Lange / Rick Savage / Pete Willis

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While some will inevitably argue, Def Leppard's breakthrough hit "Photograph" was by no means a fluke. Their time with producer Mutt Lange had paid off -- Lange helped them write some of the best all-time pop-metal songs for 1983's Pyromania, "Photograph" far from an exception. While the song may sound pretty generic and standard (the guitars are big and polished, the Marilyn Monroe-influenced lyrics are sleazy, and the vocals are filled with Joe Elliot's raw screeches), it should be noted that Def Leppard was second only to Van Halen in terms of setting the standard of the '80s rock scene. Nothing about "Photograph" is second rate -- this was the first time Def Leppard had finally utilized all their talent in creating a truly inescapable, infectious rock anthem. Throughout the years, the band would duplicate (and even further) such success with songs like "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Rock of Ages," and "Armageddon It," but it is important to not overlook their first hit, "Photograph." This was the song that truly began and defined the pop-metal craze that would dominate the rock scene for the entire decade.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Photograph 1983 Vertigo
Historia 1988 Vertigo
Adrenalize 1992 Mercury 0:00
Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1995 Mercury 4:08
Mirror Ball: Live & More 2011 Mailboat Records 4:35