The Yardbirds

Over, Under, Sideways, Down

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Easily one of the Yardbirds' most representative records of all time, "Over Under Sideways Down" encapsulates both the band's instrumental prowess as well as the times themselves in one fabulous package. The main rhythm of the song finds drummer (and co-writer) Jim McCarty doing a takeoff of the rhythm on the bop of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," giving the song a locomotive-like place to take off. Right on top of this, lead guitarist Jeff Beck provides one of his classic riffs, crossing classic, dirty rock & roll with a Middle Eastern feel that make it both progressive and familiar at the same time. Paul Samwell-Smith's boogie bass line fights note for note for supremacy with singer Keith Relf's excellent blues harp fills. The lyrics are a great snapshot of the life of not only a musician with newly found wealth in "Swinging London," but a youth in modern-day society as well. The image of a world turned upside down is undeniable here, and the effect is nothing if not mesmerizing. A Top 40 hit on both sides of the Atlantic, it shows the band's ability to write their own material with equal power as more popular bands like the Rolling Stones during this limit-smashing period.

Appears On

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