The Shangri-Las

Out in the Streets

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In the fall of 1964, after scoring back-to-back Top Ten hits with "Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)" and "Leader of the Pack," the Shangri-Las confused the marketplace by releasing two singles simultaneously, "Give Him a Great Big Kiss" and "Maybe." Record buyers opted for the former, which continued the group's saga of teenage girl talk over the latter, a melodramatic ballad. In the late winter of 1965, the group followed with its fifth single, "Out in the Streets." The song was written by Brill Building veterans Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, who had composed "Leader of the Pack" with producer George "Shadow" Morton. It was yet another exploration of a girl's relationship with a bad boy like the one in "Leader of the Pack" and the "good-bad, but not evil" one in "Give Him a Great Big Kiss." This time, the singers, in harmony and without any spoken interludes, explained that the boy had given up the gang and didn't do wild things anymore. He didn't even comb his hair the same way or wear black boots. None of this, however, was cause for celebration: "It makes me so sad 'cause I know that he did it for me." Finally, the lyrics declare, "I gotta set him free" because "his heart is out in the streets." In keeping with the downcast tone of the lyrics, the music is mournful, without the self-mocking edge of "Leader of the Pack" and "Give Him a Great Big Kiss." Maybe that kept the song from being as successful, or maybe the fashion for girl groups like the Shangri-Las was being overwhelmed by the Motown sound of the Supremes, but "Out in the Streets" failed to make the Top 40, and it hasn't had much of a life beyond the original Shangri-Las recording. In 1999, though, Blondie, a band with a continuing affection for girl group pop, put a cover of the song on their comeback album No Exit.

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