Orgasm Addict

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Only in the first flush of the British punk explosion would a band dare to make their major-label debut with a tune about masturbation and sexual obsession, and the Buzzcocks were cheeky enough to play the subject for laughs. Thankfully, Pete Shelley and co-author Howard DeVoto (who formed the band with Shelley but left before they signed to United Artists) knew how to make the joke funny; "Orgasm Addict"'s dirt-simple but indelibly catchy tune rushes by in a joyous blur as Shelley pants, squeals, and shouts as he tells the improbable tale of a hapless sex junkie who goes from self-abuse to seducing "butcher's assistants and bellhops" (sounds pretty indiscriminate) as he proves, "He's got the energy/He will amaze!" While DeVoto's vocal on the song's original demo (which surfaced on the album Time's Up) is strong enough, the song gained a whole new enthusiasm in its big-league debut, with the band sounding tighter and more assured and Pete Shelley's singing giving it a nudge-and-a-wink theatrical enthusiasm to go along with the breathless speed.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Singles Going Steady 1979 I.R.S. Records / Capitol 2:02
5 Album Set 1994 Parlophone / Warner Music 2:09