The Human League

Open Your Heart

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Once upon a time, Phil Oakey declared he wanted to be an "Empire State Human," railed against the destruction of larvae on "Being Boiled," and sang of the "Circus of Death." Upon the departure of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, however, Oakey rejigged the band into synth pop mode, and opened his heart to more personal matters. "End concealing, try revealing," he emotively calls out on this single, standing proud against the slings and slights of any and all detractors. What may seem a bit gushy and simplistic to adults rings true to teens, who understand just how difficult it is to withstand the taunts of their peers, and who require reassurance before they'll take even half a chance. It is that reassurance that Oakey offers; it is that chance-taking that he soulfully advocates. Wrapped in an adamant rhythm, with sumptuous synths and a bright and breezy hook, "Open Your Heart," released as a taster for the band's Dare! album, made its stand in October 1981. The British public promptly took it to heart, and sent it speeding into the Top Ten.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Greatest Hits 1988 EMI Music Distribution 3:56
The Best of the Human League 1998 ARK 21 0:00
Dare!/Love and Dancing 2002 Virgin 3:56
The Very Best of the Human League 2005 Caroline Distribution 3:54
Anthems: Electronic '80s, Vol. 2 2010
Various Artists
Ministry of Sound 3:56
Sight & Sound 2012 EMI 3:55
All the Best 2013 EMI / EMI Gold 3:55
A Very British Synthesizer Group: The Anthology 2016 Virgin EMI 3:57
Massive Hits! Eighties
Various Artists
EMI / EMI Gold 3:56
Original Hits: 80s Pop
Various Artists
EMI 3:54