Open Your Heart

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Although it's mostly remembered for the eye-popping video -- starring a newly-shorn and platinum blonde Madonna in a remarkable black leather catsuit, performing in a quarter peep show -- "Open Your Heart" was also proof that Madonna had not lost her ability to create a powerful dance song. In fact, with its newfound rock and roll power (electric guitars join the synthesizers in the front line of instruments, a rarity in Madonna's music to that point), "Open Your Heart" was one of Madonna's most exciting grooves yet. The drawback is that the lyrics are on the flimsy side, and no match for the kinetic production and enticing groove. However, in context near the start of Madonna's most wide-ranging album yet, it serves its purpose as a reminder of her dance-rock roots.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
True Blue 1986 Sire 4:13
La Isla Bonita 1987 WEA International 0:00
The Immaculate Collection 1990 Sire 3:51
The Immaculate Collection (The Best Of Madonna) [Video] 1990 Sire / London / Rhino
Open Your Heart 1990 Warner Bros. / WEA International
No Image 1990 Sire 0:00
Rain 1993 Maverick / Warner Bros. 0:00
Three for One Box Set 1999 WEA International 4:13
Immaculate Collection/Something to Remember 2001 WEA International 3:51
Celebration 2009 Warner Bros. 3:49
No Image Phantom Import Distribution / WEA International