One Step Beyond

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Not so much a taster for Madness's debut album of the same name, in fact "One Step Beyond" was released the same day in October, 1979 as the full length, but it was their true statement of intent. It was also their debut for Stiff Records, with whom the group had signed after departing from 2-Tone.

After paying tribute to "The Prince" and establishing their own trad credentials, Madness were now ready to introduce the nation to their own "heavy, heavy, monster sound." That bit was lifted straight from Dave and Ansil Collins' 1971 hit "Monkey Spanner", the rest of the introduction was Cathal "Chas" Smyth's own invention, an invitation to enter the group's own musical world, one that truly was one step beyond anything ever heard before.

A riotous mix of blasting sax, crashing beats, spitting riffs, stampeding percussion and thumping bass, all sent carousing to a tempo only the fittest could survive, "Step" was a skanking slugfest that steamrolls across the grooves flattening all in its path. It scooped up the sounds from the bygone and pummelled them straight into the beyond, it was a monster of a song, and one that send went spinning into the UK Top 10.

Appears On

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