Now I'm Here

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This mainstay of Queen’s live show is one of the group’s most straightforward rockers. The lyrics combine romance and rock and roll swagger in equal quantities as they present a man who feels energized by the woman he loves: "A baby I was when you took my hand/And the light of the night burned bright/The people on hand didn’t understand/But you knew my name on sight." The tale is frequently punctuated with the exuberant declaration "Don’t I love her so/’Cause she made me live again" and also work in a reference to Queen’s friends and tour-mates, Mott The Hoople ("Down in the city, just Hoople ‘n me."). The music is the stuff of good time rock and roll, combining swinging verse melodies with a pounding chorus and some rousing, rapidly ascending bridges that spur the song’s energy even higher. Queen’s recording of "Now I’m Here" is a high-voltage affair, bursting out of the gate with a lone, chugging guitar riff that soon flowers into a stomping rocker that is peppered with Queen’s choir-like vocal harmonies and overdubbed bits of squalling guitar at strategic points. Freddie Mercury rides this guitar-dominated wall of sound with a vocal that deftly switches between gentle whispering and lusty bellowing. The end result became a hit single for Queen in the U.K., peaking at #11 on the charts. More importantly, it became a concert favorite whose live arrangement allowed May to toss in some thrilling solos and also included audience participation bits where Mercury would indulge an accapella sing-along with the audience (an exuberant take of this live arrangement can be found on Live Killers).

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sheer Heart Attack 1974 Hollywood 4:18