Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

No Tears Left

Composed by Stephen Stills

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A staple of both CSN and Stephen Stills solo concerts for a couple of years prior to being cut for CSN&Y's Looking Forward in 1999, "No Tears Left" is one of Stills' most powerful and angry lyrical statements in. Cast in a heavy, blues-tinged rock guitar pattern, the song's odd-metered rhythm acts as a hook, drawing the listener in further with each verse. The words are a pure release of rage at Stills' puzzlement at the world he finds himself in and the false, shallow people that he is forced to deal with. Although a CSN&Y recording, Stills dominates the instrumental fireworks, with Neil Young only slipping briefly into the song's bridge with a deliciously snaky guitar phrase. Stills, however, lets loose with a devastating guitar solo, complete with some Jimi Hendrix-inspired wah-wah playing. In addition to this, David Crosby and Graham Nash perform some odd but extremely effective harmony counterpoints which are syncopated against the end of the verses and chorus.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Looking Forward 1999 Reprise 5:04