Screaming Trees

Nearly Lost You

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The closest thing the Screaming Trees ever had to a signature song, "Nearly Lost You" appeared on their most successful album, 1992's Sweet Oblivion, but really found its audience when it was included on the massively successful Singles soundtrack a few months later. Singles essentially functioned as an encapsulation of the Seattle rock scene for a neophyte mass audience, and the Trees were there to stand up and be counted with the big boys. "Nearly Lost You" was an excellent way to do that, too, proving one of the soundtrack's highlights with its monolithic guitars and Mark Lanegan's smoky rasp. It was that rare up-tempo rocker that managed to sound wistful and reflective even as the din of guitar distortion raged in the background. With its dissonant, jangling, distorted chords and echoing, liquid solo melodies, "Nearly Lost You" kicked up quite a fury, too. Typical of the Trees' output, though, it was more of a psychedelic racket than a wallow in machismo, and that was underlined by Lanegan's sighing vocal melodies, which really helped the song stand out from the rest of the Singles pack, and on college radio. It's a shame that the band was never really able to capitalize commercially on the exposure provided by "Nearly Lost You," but at the very least, it gave them one of grunge's best overlooked singles.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sweet Oblivion 1992 Epic 4:07
Singles [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1992
Various Artists
Epic 4:06
Real Cinema 2001
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 4:05
Nearly Lost You 2001 Sony Music Distribution 4:07
Ocean of Confusion: Songs of Screaming Trees 1989-1996 2005 Legacy / Epic 4:07