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This hauntingly beautiful ballad reinforces the strength and conviction in John Coltrane’s uncanny ability to arrange as well as perform with a truly lyrical and poignant finesse that few could equal. “Namia” is the name of ‘Trane’s wife whose physical and spiritual beauty inspired this equally emotive composition. The song’s overwhelming placidity distinguishes it from the remainder of the uniformly brilliant Giant Steps album. It is this broad scope and diverse emotional range that signifies much of ‘Trane’s genius. The effectiveness of his supporting musical cast -- which includes his former Miles Davis band mates Wynton Kelly (piano), Jimmy Cobb drums and Paul Chambers (bass) -- is at once stunning, as well as anticipated from the quartet’s indelible track record with Davis. The players exude an intimacy that is both inherent and evident in their collective experience. As he had likewise done on “Cousin Mary”, ‘Trane provides an undercurrent of bittersweet noir soul to both his performance as well as to the overall arrangement. This is particularly notable in the repetitive coda. Although the languid pacing and genteel serenity of “Namia” aptly contrast the majority of the up tempo Bop mastery that graces Giant Steps, there is little room for doubting ‘Trane’s understated refinement. Inclined parties are encouraged to seek out the four respective readings on the essential seven-disc Live Trane: The European Tours (2001) box set -- each with their own scintillating personalities.

Appears On

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