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My Love

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At two minutes and forty-seven seconds this classic Tony Hatch composition went to the #1 position exactly a year after "Downtown" achieved that same level of popularity. Warner Brothers single #5684 was Petula Clark's fifth song to land in the Top 25 in a twelve month period. That's a pretty staggering statistic for the then thirty-three year old export from Britain. She'd score another four mostly Top 20 hits throughout 1966, "My Love" starting that hit parade off with a quick exchange of lyrics praising the emotion cited in the title: "My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh". The album jacket goes into detail on the artist liner note writer Stan Cronyn describes as a "progenitress" ... gushing about the composition's being written on the plane when producer/arranger Tony Hatch was working on completing another tune that would show up on the album, "The Life And Soul Of The Party". The legend Cronyn writes is that an American told Hatch that phrase "meant nothing" in the U.S. so the author says he "forgot it and wrote another there on the plane. It became "My Love"." David Bowie made a similar effort to conquer the new world with "Young Americans", succeeding where Roxy Music failed to find their ode to Texas, "Prairie Rose", embraced by the masses. The first recording actually made in America by Hatch and Clark finds the big band orchestration punctuated by a quick and bright guitar which has nuances of the groundbreaking Vinnie Bell "water sound" which would emerge almost four years later on the theme to "Midnight Cowboy". And though cowboy Sonny James was one of the few who covered it as well the song remains Petula Clark's alone. Driving adult contemporary music which feels like it concludes quicker than the two and three quarter minutes that it really is "My Love" is an explosion of pop music and descriptive lyrics, her love being "brighter than the brightest star...deeper than the deepest ocean" and, of course, there's "nothing in this world that can ever change my love". It was immediately followed by "A Sign Of The Times" and with these two songs in particular Clark firmly established herself as an international star and one of the most identifiable sounds of the '60's.

Appears On

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