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Lolita meets Led Zeppelin -- wrapping up side one of 10cc's The Original Soundtrack, an odd bedfellow indeed for the preceding "I'm Not in Love," "Blackmail" is everything 10cc rarely was -- pun free, power-crazed, and very, very nasty, as blackmail usually is. Compromising photos, threatening letters: "gimme loadsamoney or I'll send the pictures to the papers." Ooh, it'll be so scandalous, and the guitars shriek off in horrified agreement.

But resolution is swift and damning. "She showed them her husband/he ordered a dozen/he sold them to Hefner/who gave her a centerfold." And our sorry little narrator is left at home with shattered dreams, and now the guitars are laughing aloud. It's a short song and, in the greater scheme of 10cc, a somewhat inconsequential one. But crank the volume up full blast, and fill in the words where the guitars are loudest, and pornography has never rocked so convincingly.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Original Soundtrack 1975 Mercury / Polygram 4:30
Tenology 2012 Mercury Records / Universal 4:26