Adam Ant

Apollo 9

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The last unquestionably glorious Adam Ant smash from his extended heyday - and even then it was only a top 20 hit, much less than it really deserved - "Apollo 9" is Adam Ant in merry nonsensical pop guru mode, once again proving that he's easily the antithesis (and easily the better) of the likes of, say, Jim Morrison. Referring to the NASA space program for no apparent reason other than it sounds good, the song, drawing on a bit of Cajun/swamp boogie refracted through 1984-era eyes, has all the rumbling clatter and drum punch of the Burundi-beat era. There's plenty of individual tweaks along the way to the basic approach - Adam's hip-hop touched vocals flow much better than on "Ant Rap," say, while the chorus is instant stick-to-your-eardrums candyfloss fun. Clipped guitar/keyboard parts suggest early eighties dance culture just enough, but Marco Pirroni gets to unleash equal amount of his usual post-glam noise as well. All this and a giddily-sung "Yabba yabba ding ding!" - what more could a listener want?

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Vive le Rock 1985 Epic 3:22
Antics in the Forbidden Zone 1990 Epic 3:20
Antics in the Forbidden Zone [Video] 1990 Sony Music Distribution 0:00
Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant 1994 Arcade Music 3:22
Nick at Nite Goes to Outer Space 1997
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 3:25
Goody Two Shoes 2000 Sony Music Distribution 3:24
Antbox 2000 Columbia 3:23
The Essential Adam Ant 2003 Legacy / Epic 3:22
No Image 2005 Sony Music Distribution 6:46