Depeche Mode

I Want You Now

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"I Want You Now" couldn't be much more straight-forward. From its samples of lovers in ecstasy to Martin Gore's desperate pleas, the song has one focus and one focus only: sex. Gore offers his vocals as if he's just stepped front and center from a church choir. The heavy breathing and cries of joy that surround him work like pistons, adding texture, life, and a beat to the pensive keyboards and accordion musical backdrop. Without the moaning samples, "I Want You Now" would probably be Depeche Mode's most spare musical offering, so it really was imperative that Gore set just the right tone with his vocals. The song would be a study in atmosphere like "Pimpf" without Gore's vocals. Usually the songs that Gore assigns to himself as a vocalist express deeper emotions, but here he's concentrating on lust, even if he offers that he doesn't just "want to be like one of the boys." The wavering quiver in his voice paints his desperation and desires perfectly. His repeated declaration of "I want you now" drips passion and frustration. Even if "I Want You Now" isn't Depeche Mode's most high concept creation or most complex song, Martin Gore's captivating honesty makes the song an integral part of Music for the Masses.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Music for the Masses 1987 Mute 3:44
I Want You Now 1988 Arista 0:00
Une Nuit a La Mode, Vol. 1 1990 Antilles 3:19