Europe Endless

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The opening track of 1977’s Trans-Europe Express album, ”Europe Endless” sets the scene for all that is to follow, a rhythmic mantra that owes nothing to anything that has previously passed for rock’n’roll but which, in years to come, would itself become as precious to the music’s development as ”Route 66”, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.

Band member Wolfgang Flur explains, "All of us in the group are children who were born straight after World War Two. So, we had no musical or pop culture of our own, there was nothing behind us there was the war, and before the war we had only the German folk music. In the 1920s or 1930s melodies were developed and these became culture that we worked from. So, I think it was in us, ever since we were born; I cannot explain us, but it is us. It is romantic, childish, maybe, it is naive, but I cannot do anything about it. It's in me."

A parallel, perhaps, can be drawn with the Kinks, whose own magic is similarly rooted in an awareness of a lost past. "The Kinks have something special, they are very special, and they use very English pop melody lines, which was always in them. So yes, I think it is the same thing. There is something you cannot put your finger on, which is very English, in the Kinks' music, which I could not do, which is their own style. There was something very German, but equally indefinable, on Trans-Europe Express." ”Europe Endless” was the group’s own way of opening a window upon that mystery.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Trans-Europe Express 1977 Cleopatra 9:40
The Capitol Years 1994 Cleopatra
The Model: Best of Kraftwerk 1994 Cleopatra 9:35
Ultra Rare Trax 2005