The Young Rascals

No Love to Give

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One of the few Gene Cornish-composed ballads in the Rascals' canon, "No Love to Give" is a downcast, self-exploration into life, love, and the fate of a man. Somewhat somber and overly serious, the song comes across as a sort of attempt at writing a "Yesterday"-styled statement. Backed by a simple acoustic guitar and a baroque chamber string arrangement, the song is quite different from any of the band's songs of the period. However, Cornish's fine vocal performance is excellent, showcasing his underrated prowess in this area, which was somewhat overshadowed by the band's main singers, Eddie Bragati and Felix Cavaliere, and remains a nice change of direction on the Collections album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Collections 1967 Warner Bros. 2:46
Original Album Series 2010 Rhino 2:48