Adam and the Ants / Adam Ant

Place In The Country

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A Friend or Foe album cut that might have been another pop smash in the vein of T. Rex's "Solid Gold Easy Action" - seemingly too simple even for the charts but still perfectly wonderful - "Place in the Country" readily showed that even with the classic commercial Ants line-up behind him Adam himself was in full charge of his destiny. Of course, having his key partner Marco Pirroni with him didn't hurt, and the two whipped up this wonderful little confection, punctuated with an irresistible horn performance courtesy of Martin Drover and Geoff Daly. As giddy a kick-up-your-heels glammy stomp as any spangle-laden hit recorded in the classic era of that sound, "Place in the Country" benefits further from Pirroni's mid-song son-of-Ronson electric riff, Adam's at once energetic and smooth delivery and some great drumming (on an alternate version provided by Adam himself on a cardboard box!). Blur's "Country House" tried to achieve something of the casual kick and overall theme of this winner and couldn't come close - stick with the original.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Antics in the Forbidden Zone 1990 Epic 2:50
Antbox 2000 Columbia 3:06