Johnny Cash

The Walls of a Prison

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"March, march, march," Freddie McGregor and Niney Holness chant out to the faithful as they encircle the "Walls of Jericho". The brethren obviously have come from far and wide to join the assault on the city, and the arrangement makes all welcome. In fine Observer fashion, the militant rhythm sets the stage, led by George "Fully" Fullwood's thump of a bass line, the sharp beats, and a hail of percussion. But coming in from the south are the brass section, tooting out rousing Latin flavored passages overhead. Still, at its core Jericho is a deadly roots number, wrapping its tendrils around the moody minor key melody and the pair's lovely close harmonies. McGregor's lyrics are as inspired as Holness's productions, a battle cry, heartfelt prayer to Jah and emotive sufferer's song all sewn into one powerful song. Celebrating the strength of the people, their fervid faith, and their belief in ultimate victory, "Jericho" is a masterpiece, and one of the many stand- outs of the singer's sublime debut Mr McGregor album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
From Sea to Shining Sea 1968
Walls of a Prison 1970 Harmony
Come Along and Ride This Train 1991 Bear Family Records 4:01
No Image 1991 Bear Family Records 4:01
The Man, His World, His Music [DVD] [2005] 2005 Sanctuary