Jefferson Airplane

Ice Cream Phoenix

Composed by Charles Cockey / Jorma Kaukonen

Song Review by

"You don't know just when to stop and when to go" are the opening lyrics to "Ice Cream Phoenix," and they just about sum up the song. It's more "end of civilization is around the corner" preaching, à la Jefferson Airplane. Most listeners will not appreciate this straightforward presentation with the first listen. It takes a few to understand the message and the music. One is flawed and the other undeniable Airplane at its album-cut best. As a vocal arrangement, the song comes very close to being one of the best that the Marty-Grace-Paul sound ever achieved. And the band is tight and consistent with the rest of the sound resonated from Crown of Creation.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Crown of Creation 1968 Culture Factory 2:59
No Image 1983 RCA
Ignition 2001 RCA 3:02
Surrealistic Pillow/Crown of Creation 2008 Legacy 3:02