The Beatles

Can't Buy Me Love

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"Can't Buy Me Love" was the first single to be released by the Beatles after the group had established themselves as Transatlantic superstars. Although it quickly topped the charts in both the U.S. and U.K., it's been somewhat underestimated by history, coming in the wake of the "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" monsters, and just prior to "A Hard Day's Night." That aside, it's another great early Lennon-McCartney tune, and one of their raunchiest rockers, sung and principally written by Paul McCartney. It kicks off with yet another arresting opening, in which the Beatles launch directly into the chorus rather than the verse, as they did with "She Loves You," again on the suggestion of George Martin. The verses are rock in the Little Richard-Chuck Berry tradition, set off by the non-bluesy minor chords of the chorus, a Beatlesque trait that was beyond the reach of 1950s rock. Although the words were basic romantic phrases, the Beatles were beginning, if only slightly, to reach out beyond their simpler pronoun-heavy hits of 1963. Not caring too much for money, 'cause it can't buy you love -- that's a timeless sentiment, emblematic of the devil-may-care immediacy of youth, perhaps. But it's also a value that many can agree, even in the 21st century, the world could use a lot more of. The track is further distinguished by a bluesy, engagingly raw guitar solo in the instrumental break, and brought to a close by an almost orgiastic world-less song-sigh at the very end. It was this cut that was chosen, most appropriately, to play on the soundtrack of A Hard Day's Night in which the Beatles romp around a huge empty field, brilliantly reflecting the group's carefree appetite for living in the moment.

Appears On

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