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Love Me Do

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As the A-side of the first Beatles single in late 1962, "Love Me Do" gave little indication of the creative songwriting genius of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Much simpler melodically than even the group's early 1963 recordings, "Love Me Do" was a jaunty, slightly bluesy singalong, with lyrics that even by 1962 standards were bulging with elementary romantic clich├ęs. The song, nonetheless, was notably distinguished from other British rock of the era, and if only in retrospect contained definite hints of the Beatles' strengths. First, there were those close, straining harmonies, projecting a sincerity and even a depth that was simply lacking in most other British pop artists of the period. There was also the unfettered directness of the performance, with an emphasis upon personal pronouns -- "me," "you," and so forth -- that Lennon and McCartney would rely upon throughout their first year or so as recording artists. And there was Lennon's bluesy harmonica, influenced by Bruce Channel accompanist Delbert McClinton (whom the Beatles had already met while supporting Channel on a British gig). In the days before multi-track recording was common, a nervous Paul McCartney had to take the low lead vocals on the brief sections of the song on which all of the instruments drop out bar the voice, since Lennon had to keep playing harmonica in the background once the music started up again. It was a modest beginning, but a fairly successful one, reaching the British Top 20. After the Beatles conquered America in early 1964, some of their 1962-1963 tracks were revived as singles, including "Love Me Do," which made number one in the U.S., although that was probably due more to the craze for all things Beatle than the merits of the specific song. With so many other Lennon-McCartney gems available, "Love Me Do" has attracted little cover action over the years, although David Bowie would jam on the tune briefly on-stage circa 1973 in his Ziggy Stardust days, and Sandie Shaw did a harmless lounge-pop version in the late '60s.

Appears On

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