Jefferson Airplane

The Last Wall of the Castle

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Sounding not unlike a James Brown song on steroids, "The Last Wall of the Castle" is one of the Airplane's hardest-rocking songs. The words are sung in an almost too-fast-to-decipher flow, but the overt illustration of a generation changing at an alarming rate is apparent. Musically, it's a minor psychedelic masterpiece, and the incredibly fast tempo drives the melody over the goal line.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
After Bathing at Baxter's 1967 Culture Factory 2:39
2400 Fulton Street: An Anthology 1987 RCA 2:44
Journey: The Best of Jefferson Airplane [DJ Specialist] 1999 DJ Specialist 2:42
The Roar of Jefferson Airplane 2001 RCA 2:44
Ignition 2001 RCA 2:41
The Essential Jefferson Airplane 2005 BMG Heritage / RCA 2:42
The Music of Jefferson Airplane 2010 Legacy / RCA 2:42
The Box Set Series 2014 Legacy / RCA 2:42
White Rabbit: The Ultimate Jefferson Airplane Collection 2015 Sony Music 2:40