Van Morrison

Send Your Mind

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A bruising hard rock workout, "Send Your Mind" is one of the heavier rockers in Van Morrison's Bang Records period. Featuring a superlative rock riff and electric guitar solo (rumored to be played by future Little Feat member Fred Tackett), the song moves past the listener like a blur. However, the overall effect, especially the lyrics, is extremely unimaginative, leaving the listener finding it hard to believe that this is a Van Morrison creation.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Bang Masters 1991 Legacy Rock Artifacts Series / Epic 2:51
Payin' Dues 1994 Fruit Tree 2:50
No Image 1997 Eagle Records
Brown Eyed Beginnings 1998 M.I.L. Multimedia 2:51
Brown Eyed Girl [Digimode] 1998 Digimode Entertainment 2:48
Masters 1999 Eagle Rock 2:51
The Bang Records Sessions: Midnight Special 1999 The Store for Music 2:51
No Image 1999 Digimode Entertainment 2:48
The Early Years [BCI] 2000 BCI Music (Brentwood Communication) 2:51
Brown Eyed Girl [DJ Specialist] 2000 DJ Specialist 2:51
The Early Years: 1967-1968 2000 Metro 2:50
No Image 2000 Lost Gold Records 2:51
The Great Van Morrison [Red X] 2001 Red X 2:51
No Image 2001 Bianco 2:50
The Essential Van Morrison [Purple Pyramid] 2001 Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra 2:51
Spanish Rose [Neon] 2001 Neon Records 2:48
The Complete Bang Sessions 2002 Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra 2:49
Pop Icons [St. Clair] 2002
Various Artists
St. Clair 2:51
Brown Eyed Girl [Collectables] 2003 Collectables 2:52
Greatest Collection 2004 Platinum Disc 2:52
Brown Eyed Girl: The Collection [Camden] 2011 Camden 2:51
Midnight Special [Rajon] Rajon Entertainment Pty Ltd. 2:50
New York Sessions '67 [New Millennium] New Millennium 2:50