Édith Piaf

Mon Manege a Moi

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Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Wonderful World of Edith Piaf [Remember] 1989 Remember Records 3:00
30th Anniversary Anthology 1994 Angel Records 0:00
No Image 1994 EMI Music Distribution
De l'Accordeoniste a Milord 1997 EMI Music Distribution 0:00
35th Anniversary 1998 EMI Music Distribution 2:54
La Vie en Rose [Italy Import] 1999 D.V. More 0:00
Nein Ich Bereue Nichts 1999 EMI Music Distribution
Chansons 2000 Disky
Éternelle 2000 Angel Records / Parlophone 0:00
Edith Piaf [Music] 2001 Music 3:08
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien 2003 Documents 3:02
Edith Piaf at Carnegie Hall, Vol. 3 2003 Hallmark Recordings
Edith Piaf: Box Set 2003 Hallmark Recordings 3:00
A Life in Song 2004 Union Square 3:03
L' Intégrale 2007 2007 EMI Music Distribution 3:09
La Vie en Rose [Not Now] 2007 Not Now Music
The Passion of the Little Sparrow 2007 The Great American Music Company 3:10
65 Titres Originaux 2008 Not Now Music 2:54
The Best of Edith Piaf, Vol. 2 [Deluxe Reissue] 2009 Fuel 2000 / Varèse Sarabande 3:10
The Best of Paris, Vol. 2 2010
Various Artists
Fuel 2000 / Varèse Sarabande 3:12
No Image 2011 Wagram Records
Les  100 Chansons Éternelles d'Édith Piaf 2012 Wagram 3:00
No Regrets 2012 Proper Box
No Image 2013 Sound and Vision
No Image 2013 AAO Music
No Image 2013 Excalibur
No Image 2013 Reloaded
The  Very Best of Edith Piaf [Rhino] 2016 Rhino
La vie en Rose: 16 chansons immortelles 2017
Various Artists
Les Disques Creation
La Collection Harcourt 2018 Wagram Records
No Image
Various Artists
50 Favourite Tracks Excalibur
No Image
Various Artists
No Image WNTS
French Perfection, Vol. 4: '50s Classic Artists
Various Artists
No Image
Various Artists
Wagram Records
No Image
Various Artists
Milord et 20 Grands Succes Intense
The  Best of Edith Piaf, Vol. 1 [Sound and Vision] Sound and Vision