The Monkees

Mommy and Daddy

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A strange and disturbing slice of pop/psychedelic, "Mommy and Daddy" was another interesting and original effort by Mickey Dolenz. Quite simply, the song is about the hypocrisy of adults who cautioned the youth about drug abuse, when, all the while, many of their middle-class were prescription drug addicts. This subject matter had been also handled by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane on her song "White Rabbit." Slick was indeed a big influence, musically, on Dolenz, on this song and his earlier song "Zor and Zam."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Monkees Present 1969 Rhino 2:46
No Image 1980 EMI Music Distribution 2:10
Listen to the Band 1991 Rhino 2:14
Anthology 1998 Rhino 2:21
Music Box 2001 Rhino 2:13
Monkeemania: The Very Best of the Monkees 2011 Rhino 2:13
The Monkees 50 2016 Rhino 2:11