Hoodoo Gurus

Miss Freelove '69

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A huge departure from the Hoodoo Gurus' usual power pop, "Miss Freelove '69" is a tongue-in-cheek (not necessarily one's own) ode to early-'70s white-boy funk of the early Doobie Brothers style, complete with over the top wah-wah guitar, Leslie organ, and soul-chick chorus. Dave Faulkner's lyrics are similarly goofy, sounding like a musical description of some unused scenes from the middle of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, after the girls had doffed their kit but before the acid went bad and the blood started flowing. It's an extremely funny and oddly catchy song, but unfortunately, it was both so thoroughly unlike the Hoodoo Gurus' previous singles and so entirely out of step with musical fashion in the summer of 1991 that the single sank like a stone, and the Hoodoo Gurus' American breakthrough, opened with 1989's excellent Magnum Cum Louder, ended abruptly right here.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Kinky 1991 Shock 4:15
Miss Freelove '69 1991 RCA 4:02
Electric Soup: The Singles Collection 1992 Mushroom Records 4:00
Mushroom Story of the 90's, Vol. 1 1998
Various Artists
Mushroom Records 4:13
Ampology 2000 Ace / Acadia 4:13