King Crimson

Matte Kudasai

Composed by Adrian Belew / Bill Bruford / Robert Fripp / Tony Levin

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The title of this haunting ballad is translated from Japanese as literally, “Please Wait For Me”. The laid back groove features an East-meets-West cowboy-esque melody highlighted by some of Adrian Belew’s (guitar/vocals/lyrics) most emotive and lyrical contributions to Discipline (1981), his debut effort with King Crimson. The song’s easily accessible nature made it the perfect extraction from the album as a single. In Sid Smith’s In The Court Of King Crimson band bio, Belew credits Robert Fripp (guitar) with composing the chords for the verse, which he expanded and altered to “support the melody I had in mind”. Although the lyricist describes penning the words as a “painful, as usual” process, the end result is a delicious tale of desire and poignant longing. The central guitar solo from Fripp trips along with an air of freedom and is stylistically set apart from the decidedly staid rhythm. The ‘80s quartet as well as the ‘90s double-trio version of King Crimson incorporated “Matte Kudasai” into their live sets. Numerous recordings of the track are available on a wide selection of archival concert volumes ranging from the ’81 pre-Krim revival Discipline: Live at Moles Club, 1981 (2000) disc to the two-CD B'Boom (1995) document of the 1994 band. Belew also included an acoustic solo rendering on his aptly titled Acoustic Adrian Belew (1995).

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Discipline 1981 EG Records 3:48
The Compact King Crimson 1987 EG Records 3:48
The Abbreviated King Crimson 1991 EG Records 3:48
Frame by Frame: The Essential King Crimson 1991 Caroline Distribution 3:48