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This rockabilly and country music staple started life in the 1920s as "The Match Box Blues," originally composed by blues singer Blind Lemon Jefferson. From a suggestion by his father, Carl Perkins struck up on the tune at a session at Sun studios in 1957, the same session that utilized a young Jerry Lee Lewis on piano. Retaining only a verse of Jefferson's original, Perkins imbued the song with a galloping boogie riff that now has become the song's standard introduction and a whole new set of lyrics. Jerry Lee would later record his own version, altering Perkins' lyrics in typical "Killer" fashion, the song first appearing on his debut Sun album. But the song went international when the Beatles revived in a 1964 recording, included originally on their Beatles For Sale album, closely adhering to Perkins' Sun arrangement. For his part, Perkins would re-record the tune on several occasions and feature the song in all of his live performances, even dueting with Ringo Starr on a TV special with it.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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The Dance Album of Carl Perkins 1959 Hallmark / Hallmark Music & Entertainment / Hallmark Recordings / Pickwick 2:20
No Image 1970 2:05
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No Image 1977 2:03
No Image 1984
Various Artists
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RCA 2:08
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Intersound 2:07
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Fat Boy
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Rhino 2:09
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Curb 2:10
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Yep Roc 2:09
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No Image
No Image Phantom
No Image Onyx Classics
Inspiring the Beatles
Various Artists
Cherished Records
Rock N Roll Dance [Play 27-7]
Various Artists
Play 24-7 / Play 27-7 2:10
Rock N Roll Masterpieces
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Play 27-7 2:10
No Image
Various Artists