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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
A Star Is Born [Original Soundtrack] 193?
1937 Soundtrack
Document 2:02
Dumbo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1941 Disney / Walt Disney 0:00
For Me and My Gal [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1942 Sony Music
Girl Crazy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1943 Sony Classical 0:00
High Society 1956 Back Biter 0:00
No Image 1957
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution
Dumbo [Original Soundtrack] 1959
Original Soundtrack
Walt Disney
The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1961 Rhino 0:00
Cardinal [Original Soundtrack] 1964
Original Soundtrack
Cloud 9 Records 4:06
Doctor Zhivago [Original Soundtrack] 1965 Sony Classical
The Chase (Original Sound Track Recording) 1966 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
Hawaii 1966 Tsunami Recordings
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever [Original Soundtrack Recording] 1970 Columbia 0:00
No Image 1970 Casablanca
Patton [Original Soundtrack] 1971
Original Soundtrack
Tsunami Recordings 2:18
Charlotte's Web [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1973 Paramount Records / Varèse Sarabande
Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Star Wars (John Williams Classic Film Scores) 1977 RCA 0:00
The Eagle Has Landed [Original Score] 1977 Aleph 0:00
No Image 1979
Original Soundtrack
Gorky Park [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1983 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
No Image 1984
Original Soundtrack
K-Tel Distribution
The Little Mermaid [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1988 Walt Disney / Disney 0:00
Yankee Doodle Dandy (Songs from the Original Film Soundtrack) 1989 Howards International 0:00
Dances With Wolves [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1990 Epic 0:00
No Image 1991
Original Soundtrack
Giant 0:00
Year of the Gun [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1991 Milan
Sneakers [Original Score] 1992 Columbia / CBS Records 2:59
Nails 1992 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
No Image 1993
Original Soundtrack
No Image 1993 Fox 0:00
Under Siege [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 1993 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
No Image 1994 Audio Fidelity / Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 0:00
No Image 1994
Original Soundtrack
Big Screen / Giant 0:00
No Image 1995
Original Soundtrack
Copycat 1995 Milan 3:00
Human Quest 1995
Original TV Soundtrack
Jean Claude Van Damme Collection 1996
Original Soundtrack
Universal Distribution / UNI Record
Mother [Original Score] 1996 Hollywood
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory [Original Soundtrack] 1996 Hip-O 0:00
No Image 1997 EMI Music Distribution
Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond, Vol. 2 1998 Silva America 0:00
No Image 1999
Original Soundtrack
Random House Home Video
The Planets [BBC Legends] 1999
Original TV Soundtrack
BBC Music 1:45
Dr. Strangelove: Music from the Films of Stanley Kubrick 1999 Silva America 0:00
The Wild Bunch [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2000 Warner Bros.
Earth: Final Conflict 2000
Original TV Soundtrack
Sonic Images 0:52
Boiler Room 2000
Original Score
New Line Records 0:28
For Me and My Gal [Soundtrack Factory] 2000 Soundtrack Factory 1:44
No Image 2000
Various Artists
Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein 2001 Soundtrack Factory 0:00
Top Hat / Blue Skies (Original Soundtracks) 2001 Soundtrack Factory 0:00
Black Scorpion (Music from the Television Series and Feature Film 2001 GNP / Crescendo 0:00
Band of Brothers (Music from the HBO Miniseries) [Original TV Soundtrack] 2001 Sony Music Distribution 0:00
Thirteen Ghosts [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2001 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Once Upon a Time in China 2002
Original Soundtrack
Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken Ougon on Sennpuu 2002
Original Game Soundtrack
City by the Sea [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2002
Various Artists
Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Below 2002 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
The Emperor's Club [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2002 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune [Original Television Soundtrack] 2003 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
Dreamcatcher [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2003 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Star Trek, Vol. 2 [Simply Vinyl] 2003
Original Soundtrack
Simply Vinyl
Love and Treason 2003
Original Soundtrack
Intrada 2:19
Taken [Original Television Score] 2003 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Independence 2004
Original Television Soundtrack
Prometheus Editions 1:35
Gone with the Wind [Soundtrack Factory] 2004 Soundtrack Factory 4:12
No Image 2004
Original Soundtrack
Turner Records 1:55
Carnivàle (Soundtrack from the Original HBO Series) 2004 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Lady Death 2004
Original Soundtrack
ADV Music 0:38
The World of Star Trek 2005
Original Soundtrack
ZYX / ZYX Music
Rosemary's Baby 2005
Original Soundtrack
Tsunami Recordings
The Omen Trilogy 2005 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
Firefly [Original Television Soundtrack] 2005 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
Stargate: Atlantis [Original Television Soundtrack] 2005 Varèse Sarabande / Varese 0:00
Johnny Guitar [Disconforme] 2005
Original Soundtrack
Freedomland [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2006 Varèse Sarabande 0:00
That's Entertainment! The Ultimate Anthology of M-G-M Musicals [Digital Version] 2006
Various Artists
Turner Records
Effects [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2006 La-La Land Records 0:00
Rescuers Down Under 2006
Various Artists
Bokunoarukumichi 2006
Original Soundtrack
Jvc Victor
No Image 2006
Original Soundtrack
Ten Thirty-One 5:52
No Image 2007
Original Soundtrack
Sci-Fi Trax: The Most Exciting Sci-Fi Themes 2008
Various Artists
Zyx / ZYX Music 1:04
100 Hits: Kids 2008
Various Artists
Betrayed [Original Soundtrack] 2008
Original Soundtrack
Ter Records
Super Robot Wars: Z 2008
Original Soundtrack
Doubt [Original Score] 2009 Default Label / Howe 0:00
The Spirit [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2009 RSK / Silva Screen
Carefree [The Original 1938 Soundtrack Recording] 2012 Broken Audio
Bardomania 2013 Él
A Touch of Music Milan
No Image
Original Soundtrack
Sony Classical 1:26
No Image
Original Soundtrack
Death Waltz Recording Co.
Original Soundtrack
No Image
Original Soundtrack
Hallmark / Hallmark Recordings
Gigi [Sony] Sony Music
Gone With the Wind [Sony]
Original Soundtrack
Sony Classical
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Colosseum
High Society & Pal Joey (Original Soundtrack Recordings)
Various Artists
Broken Audio
No Image
Original Soundtrack
Polydor 0:00
Show Boat [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Sony Music
No Image
Original Soundtrack
United Artists Records
Simply Western Film Themes
Various Artists
Union Square Music
Slumber Party Massacre [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Original Soundtrack
Death Waltz Recording Co.
Star Spangled Rhythm [Broken Audio]
Original Soundtrack
Broken Audio
Stiletto [Original Soundtrack] Dutton Vocalion 0:00
Story of King Kong
Original Soundtrack
Sony Music
The Mad Max Trilogy
Various Artists
Varèse Sarabande 2:07
The Passing
Original Soundtrack
The Wizard of Oz [Sony Classical]
Original Soundtrack
Sony Classical
Tourist Trap
Original Soundtrack
Full Moon / Planetworks 1:20
World Cinema In The 60s: Volume One
Various Artists