Madame George

Van Morrison

Song Review by Matthew Greenwald

Indeed a classic from Van Morrison's Astral Weeks album, "Madame George" was first debuted here during his Bang Records/"Brown Eyed Girl" period. Opening with the sounds of a rowdy group of partygoers, this narrative is commonly thought to be about a transvestite, yet that is only part of the story. According to Morrison himself, the song is about a combination of different people that he knew from the period, and he combined them all into the main Madame George character. The main point to the song is about leaving the past behind, and that is exactly what Morrison did, musically and spiritually, during this time. Available on the excellent Bang Masters collection on Sony Legacy.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Astral Weeks 1968 Warner Bros. 9:25
T.B. Sheets 1974 Legacy Rock Artifacts Series / CBS Records 5:22
Bang Masters 1991 Legacy Rock Artifacts Series / Epic 5:19
Payin' Dues 1994 Fruit Tree 5:16
Brown Eyed Beginnings 1998 M.I.L. Multimedia 5:17
Brown Eyed Girl [EMI] 1998 Sony Music Distribution 5:18
Brown Eyed Girl [Digimode] 1998 Digimode Entertainment 5:14
Super Hits 1999 Legacy / Columbia 5:18
The Bang Records Sessions: Midnight Special 1999 The Store for Music 5:18
Millennium Collection 1999 Digimode Entertainment 5:14
In Session 2000 Dressed To Kill 5:13
The Early Years [BCI] 2000 BCI Music (Brentwood Communication) 4:45
Brown Eyed Girl [DJ Specialist] 2000 DJ Specialist 5:17
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The 1967 New York Sessions 2000 Lost Gold Records 5:18
The Great Van Morrison [Red X] 2001 Red X 5:17
Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2001 Bianco 4:44
The Essential Van Morrison [Purple Pyramid] 2001 Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra 5:17
The Legends Collection: The Van Morrison Collection 2001 Dressed To Kill / Legends Collection 5:16
Spanish Rose [Neon] 2001 Neon Records 5:14
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Before the Fame 2003 Alchemy Records 6:08
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Midnight Special [Pazzazz] 2004 Pazzazz 5:16
Psychedelia, Vol. 1 2004
Various Artists
Pazzazz 5:16
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Pazzazz 5:16
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Madame George 2004 Pazzazz 5:16
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Pazzazz 5:16
The Songwriter Collection 2006
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 5:19
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