Tears for Fears

Mad World

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1983's The Hurting gave Tears for Fears Top Ten hits in the U.K. with "Change" and a revamped version of "Pale Shelter," but it was the alternative-sounding "Mad World" that gained the most attention, going all the way to number three. Produced by Chris Hughes, a former drummer with Adam and the Ants, the song established the band as astute, pensive, and musically savvy, led by the tight partnership of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. "Mad World" harbored a left-of-center type quality in both its lyrics and its doubled melody, straying ever so slightly from the pop norm at the time. Not only does the song demonstrate the band's musical affluence in its early stages, but "Mad World" reeled in other audience types with its unconventional style and next-to-new wave push. "Mad World," as well as the rest of The Hurting, was a precursor to bigger and better things, namely 1985's Songs From the Big Chair. Even though The Hurting was left behind with the success of Big Chair, the songs that come from it, especially "Mad World," glisten with amateur edginess and semi-undergroud attractiveness.

Appears On

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