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Picking up where Devon Irons's masterful "Ketch Vampire" left off, Junior Murvin leaves the staking of the blood sucker to his Black Ark lablemate, and instead goes in hot pursuit of the head demon himself. Producer Lee Perry fortified the singer for this dangerous task with a simmering, militant remix of the "Vampire"s original riddim, and set him loose to hunt down "Lucifer" and his servants.

And to that end, Murvin is tracking the demon's most evil minions - the slave masters and traders. However, the singer isn't merely ghostbusting, but shining a bright light into the dark corners of the past, as he vividly recalls the injustices of the past. For as he insists, "What happened in the dark must come out to light." And filled with righteous fury, leads a posse in pursuit of the monsters that visited these horrors upon the African race. "Get all the brothers of Lucifer, get all the evil doers of Lucifer," Murvin demands in the anthemic chorus, firing up the population to chase down the vampires past and present who feed upon the blood of the Blackman.

A haunting, militant piece, and the heaviest hitting of all the "Vampire" versions, the rousing "Lucifer" featured on Murvin's masterful Police and Thieves album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Police & Thieves 1977 Mango 3:13