Love in Vain

Robert Johnson

Song Review by Thomas Ward

Arguably Robert Johnson’s single most beautiful song, “Love In Vain” is simply one of the finest love song a blues performer has ever written, and is heartbreakingly potent coming from an artist of Johnson’s calibre. The songs opening verse is worth quoting in full, it’s arguably the finest few lines that Johnson ever wrote – “And I followed her to the station/with a suitcase in my hand/Well I followed her to the station/with a suitcase in my hand/Well it’s hard to tell, it’s hard to tell/When all your love’s in vain”. Never has Johnson’s guitar been so subtle, so much in the background – the song’s success is from the artist’s longing vocal, and as such it’s devastatingly bleak. The Rolling Stones recorded a fine version of the song on Let It Bleed, although it is heavily indebted to the original. “Love In Vain” is simply one of the singular masterpieces of the blues.

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